Compression Socks

Compression socks are an ultra-strong elasticated sock, comes in knee, thigh or full length from the waist. Whilst not the most aesthetically fashionable kind of sock, they make it simpler for the blood to move unhindered by any of these factors through your system. Compression socks work by squeezing your leg tissues and the walls of the veins- this is to help the blood flow more freely back up your body and it also doesn’t allow for the accumulation of lymph fluid in your lower legs.

Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks are an important tool in diabetic foot care. Diabetes can cause two major foot problems: diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. Diabetic neuropathy results in the suffered being unable to feel heat, cold or pain in their feet. They may also be unable to feel cuts which can become infected. Nerve damage can also make muscles weak, causing the foot to not align properly, resulting in stress. Peripheral vascular disease affects the flow of blood. Poor blood flow can cause sores or cuts to take longer to heal. Poor circulation in the foot can put an individual at a higher risk of developing foot ulcers or gangrene.

Transmet Socks

Transmet Socks are specifically Designed For People With Partial Foot Amputation.

  • Nano Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Padding in Heel and Forefoot. Y Toe Gore Eliminates Bunching.
  • Each includes one matching standard crew sock.